The Magic Of White Subway Tiles

There’s a reason why thousands of renovators opt for a timeless classic such as white subway tiles, as they’re a surefire way to ensure the room stays fresh.

From countertops, cabinetry, moulding, hardware, splashbacks, appliances and everything in between, according to a recent survey conducted by Houzz, white still holds the top spot as the colour of choice at 41%.

While a brief look at interior design history would suggest that although white was a colour long associated with hygiene, sanitation and health, its appeal has endured – to put it simply, there’s nowhere for dirt to hide. 

As a result, white is a hue often deemed to be the ‘safe’ choice for many renovators and builders when either crafting a new kitchen, or when giving an existing one a facelift. As the go-to hue for those looking to make a space feel larger, lighter and brighter than it actually is, it should come as no surprise that white subway tiles have long remained in favour. 

Why White Subway Tiles Remain Popular 

First spotted in Manhattan subways all the way back in 1904, white subway tiles have managed to remain a timeless and reliable go-to for interior designers and renovators alike. Although once viewed as an innovative new style of tile that featured slightly curved edges and a glossy finish, today they are regarded as sanitary, polished, bright and ultimately, a classic choice. 

These days, subway tiles come in a variety of different materials, including ceramic, porcelain, gloss, marble and slate, with a matte or gloss finish. Despite more range and choice than ever, white subway tiles have remained the top choice – but why exactly is that?

Modern Minimalism – For homeowners torn between the old world and the new, white subway tiles provide a happy medium. While their colour and shape are a relatively safe bet for anyone looking for a design style that won’t need an upgrade in a few years, they still have a slicked back modern charm and look great when paired with bolder types of fixtures and grout. 

Flexible Layouts – The great thing about white subway tiles is that no matter how you choose to style them, they always look great. Some people prefer the traditional horizontal look, while others opt to go vertical. Picket-fence style shapes can add a unique and playful feature, while parallelogram shapes can be used to create the popular chevron tile pattern.

Easy Maintenance – For a busy household, white subway tiles equate to no-frills luxury that remain easy to clean. As a practical choice for the kitchen, they’re often deployed as a splashback behind the stove or above a sink. Plus, if you choose a darker grout, the porous material won’t show spots or stains.

The beauty of white subway tiles is that they look great with just about any other colour or design addition. As it found its way back in favour through modern farmhouse design, keep in mind that while these types of tiles look magnificent when paired with timber, they also look great with more modern metallics such as bronze, copper and even matte black tapware. 

As an extremely versatile, beautiful, and easy to maintain design choice, the hardest task that a homeowner faces is choosing between the many options. However, it’s also important that you don’t underestimate the visual impact of choosing a grout colour that contrasts beautifully with your white subway tiles. If you get it wrong, all your hard work in selecting the right one can easily fall flat – so don’t be afraid to ask the professionals for the right advice. 

Sourcing Subway Tiles From The Professionals

While your options for subway tiles are almost limitless, selecting the right type of product for your home certainly isn’t an easy feat. With each space, comes a different preference or priority: are you chasing style, functionality, or simply want to stay within the budget?

In operation for over 24 years, at Tile Wizards we pride ourselves on getting you more – for less. We pioneered the warehouse format, and our stores are purposefully designed to make your selection easier, and ultimately offer our customers quality, price and the right advice. 

Even if you are just after some honest and friendly advice – please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Tile Wizards today for a free quote. We’re able to work with you in order to bring your dream flooring solution to life.