Timber Look Tiles vs Hardwood Flooring

While many homeowners are surprised to learn that timber look tiles even exist, how do they differ from traditional hardwood flooring, and how are they similar? 

As many people already know, hardwood floors are stylish, authentic and timeless. Some identify the look and feel of them as the primary attraction, while others identify their longevity and ability to wipe up spills as why they remain a top flooring preference. However, almost every homeowner can agree that hardwood floors are often synonymous with luxury.

As this premium product can easily amount to over $200 per square metre for a quality timber with minimal defects, investing in hardwood floors is simply out of reach for a growing number of homeowners. With a range of new and innovative products now on the market that look like the real thing, timber look tiles are an alternative on the rise. 

Comparing Timber Look Tiles To Hardwood Floors

While popular synthesised alternatives to hardwood floors include engineered timber flooring, lookalike Hybrid, laminate products and even loose lay vinyl, there’s another option that doesn’t receive anywhere near the same amount of attention: timber look tiles. Despite this, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t. 

Thanks to leaps forward in technology, a growing number of manufacturers are now producing timber look tiles. The beauty of these products lie in the functionality of porcelain floor tiles, which have long been regarded for their hard-wearing nature, and ability to withstand moisture, staining, scratching and harsh household chemicals thanks to their final glaze. 

In addition, timber look tiles are of course specifically designed to replicate the naturally occurring textures and tonal variations commonly seen in hardwoods, offering a highly durable surface finish for both residential and commercial design applications. Timber tiles offer an astonishingly realistic alternative to natural timber flooring, with a few extra benefits that the real thing may not offer. 

The Affordable Choice – While the materials themselves cost significantly less when compared to traditional hardwood floors, timber look tiles also gives DIY enthusiasts who are familiar with laying tiles the chance to save on installation and labour costs as well. In addition, extra materials can be safely stored away in the event that you need to replace a tile too. 

Great For Insulation – Tiles can help to naturally heat up your home when the floors are exposed to sunlight during the day and act as a conductor at night. During summer they stay cooler underfoot, which is great for the warmer conditions that Australian summers are famous for. Unlike wooden floors, timber look tiles can also withstand heat from open fires in winter. 

An Eco-Friendly Alternative – While hardwood timbers are famed for their durability and longevity, the reality is that the logging industry has the potential to decimate large portions of Australian forests if the demand stays this high. In contrast, timber lookalikes allow homeowners to achieve the same look guilt free, while doing their bit to help save the planet. 

Allergy Free Flooring – While carpet can notoriously trap dust and other particles, many people pursue hardwood flooring as an allergy free alternative. In reality, many of the chemicals that are required to guarantee their longevity can be just as bad for household members, so timber look tiles present a happy medium in terms of health benefits. 

Little To No Maintenance – People who choose to invest in hardwood timber floors do so with the knowledge that they also require a decent amount of upkeep in order to keep the timber looking its best. In contrast, timber look tiles require none of the upkeep that hardwood commands, bar the occasional mop and wiping away any spills. 

Although many renovators opt to go for laminate or hybrid plank products as the affordable and easy choice, a growing number are embracing timber look tiles as a means to boost the value of their properties through mimicking the appearance of a hardwood floor. Given that these new age products are now cheaper, more sustainable and easier to install than traditional hardwood floors, this really should come as no surprise. 

Choosing a new flooring material to give your home a facelift is never easy, particularly if you’re not quite sure where to start. If you’re on the hunt for flooring solutions that best fit your style, budget and the needs of your household, the good news is that a visit to your local Tile Wizards outlet can provide all the answers and more. 

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