what is the lifespan of different flooring types

What Is The Lifespan Of Different Flooring Types?

We think that it is really important for homeowners to know what the lifespan is for all of the different floor materials they have within their house. It is good to know this because once you do you will be able to plan ahead and see when it is likely that you will need to have your flooring replaced. It is also just good general knowledge to have, especially if you are interested in doing a renovation in the near future. Knowing the lifespan of certain materials is likely to play a factor in determining what you want. 

Factors That Will Contribute To The Lifespan Of The Most Common Flooring Types

Most of the time people will replace their flooring due to a design choice rather than it being at the end of its lifespan. 

However, if you want to prolong its lifespan, one major determining factor for how long your flooring will last before it needs to be replaced will be what kind it is. However, there are a few other factors that will contribute to how long the material of your floor will last, regardless of what type it is. 

Installation – The installation is an important factor in how long the material’s lifespan will be. If it wasn’t installed properly, it can reduce the lifespan of the material by years.

Maintenance – This one is incredibly important. If you do not keep proper maintenance of your floor, it is quickly going to lead to wear and tear, and ultimately need to be replaced, sooner than if proper maintenance was kept.

Traffic – The amount of foot traffic is also going to play a large part in this. For example, a carpet in a large household is going to wear faster than one in a studio apartment.

Quality – The quality of your floor is going to determine how long it will last. The better the quality of something is, the longer it will usually last.

Lifespan Of Different Flooring Types


With proper maintenance, a lower quality carpet can last you up to five years, while a high-quality carpet that is maintained can last up to twenty-five years.

Hybrid Flooring

Hybrids have great lifespans. If you clean hybrid floors properly, they can last between twenty and thirty years.


A laminate floor that is maintained with care and looked after will usually be able to last anywhere between fifteen to twenty-five years, depending on the quality.


It is hard to beat tiles when it comes to lifespan. A good quality tile that has been installed properly and looked after can last upwards of fifty years.


If you have vinyl or are thinking about getting it, as long as maintenance is kept it will last you somewhere between ten to twenty years.

Even though most flooring is replaced due to a design choice or the owner falling in love with new interior design trends, there are many great styles of floors that will last you a long time if you take care of them.

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