where to buy herringbone tiles in your home

Where To Use Herringbone Tiles In Your Home?

Herringbone tiles are becoming one of the fastest-growing trends for home renovations this year and it’s easy to see why. The stunning eye-catching herringbone pattern is iconic and adds a touch of style to your house. If you are looking to do a renovation in the new year, we think that you should consider adding herringbone tiles somewhere in your home.

Our Favourite Places In The Home To Add Herringbone Tiles

Herringbone tiles are one of the most unique and stylish additions you can add to your home. There are so many ways you can add your own touch of personal style to your house with great use of herringbone. This means there are countless ways you can utilise their patterns. However, below are some of our top picks for places to install herringbone tiles.

The Kitchen

By far one of our all-time favourite places to add herringbone tiles is the kitchen.

Floor – A tiled kitchen floor is not only convenient for cleaning, but it looks great as well. Using herringbone tiles is a great way to add interior flavour to your kitchen.

Splashback – If you are looking to add herringbone tiles as a minimalist feature in your house, you can’t go wrong with a kitchen splashback.

Island feature – Another great place to add herringbone as a feature in your house is the walls of an island bench.  Herringbone tiles on your kitchen bench are sure to draw attention and look amazing.

The Bathroom

Not only are herringbone tiles iconic in the bathroom, but they are incredibly versatile.

Floors – Just like the kitchen, herringbone tiles are a great and subtle design choice for your bathroom.

Shower – The shower is a perfect place to add herringbone tiles. If you are looking for a modern, simple, and stylish feel for your bathroom and shower, herringbone tiles are probably for you.

Floor to ceiling – Another great way to add herringbone to your bathroom is by using them from floor to ceiling.

Rooms You Want To Look Bigger

Herringbone tiles are also a great choice in rooms you want to make look bigger.

Ensuite – If you have a small ensuite in your house and you want it to feel bigger, the herringbone tile pattern is known to do the trick.

Outside Areas

The majesty of herringbone tiles is not something that should be limited to the indoors. If you are choosing new outdoor tiles herringbone could be a great choice.

Patios – Outside patios don’t have to be bland concrete. Laying down some herringbone tiles in your backyard or front yard is an excellent way to show off your outside living area. The timeless pattern is an excellent way to bring your outside living area to life.

Walkways – If you have a walkway in the yard going towards a pool, shed, driveway, or anything for that matter, using herringbone tiles will spruce up your walkway. The pattern of the tiles will look gorgeous against your grass.

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