Tile Wizards stocks a wide range of timber flooring solutions. We have Engineered Timber Flooring, Laminate, Solid Bamboo and Loose Lay Vinyl to suit your home or project.

Choosing The Right Timber Flooring

It’s important to know what timber flooring alternatives are available so you can pick the right one for your home. Once you’ve picked your flooring, our experts have put together some tips to ensure it works in your space.


Maintaining Your Timber Flooring

So you’ve decided to go with timber flooring for your space, the next step is to ensure your timber floors remain the centrepiece of your room for years to come. This article gives you all the tips you need to make this happen.


Our Ranges

Engineered timber floors are versatile, durable and just as beautiful as traditional wood flooring at a much lower price.


Solid bamboo flooring is extremely strong, which means it can withstand the pressures of heavy furniture and heavy foot traffic.


Laminate Flooring - Inovar Timberline Canyon Acacia 12mm

Laminate is made from several different materials which are fused together which makes it a durable and affordable alternative to timber.


Loose lay vinyl is plank sized lengths of sheet vinyl flooring. These revolutionary products provide superior underfoot comfort and are very durable.


Latest Blog

Timber Flooring - Tips and Trends!

Deciding on which timber flooring material to use can be baffling, especially if you're trying to achieve a particular style. To help you decide, Tile Wizards has these styling tips on using several of the most popular timber flooring products, including bamboo laminate and loose lay vinyl flooring planks.
Mirrored cabinet doors in bedroom

Make Small Spaces Look BIG with the Right Flooring!

Small spaces can be made to look bigger without having to do a major renovation to widen up the physical area. There are other ways to make rooms look and feel bigger than they actually are. Tile Wizards has got these tips (and tricks) on how to 'make more room' of your cramped spaces.
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Timber Tile Trend: Durability and Sophistication Meet

Do you want a flooring material that's both sophisticated and durable? Timber Tiles is a great option. Made from ceramic, these tiles have the sophisticated look and natural beauty of real wood, yet they're more durable and versatile as they can be used even in wet areas like the bathroom and kitchen. They're also easy to maintain and clean.