2022 Interior Design Trends To Watch2

2022 Interior Design Trends To Watch

If you’re thinking about giving your home a facelift in the not so distant future, here’s the 2022 interior design trends set to be popular for next year. 

There’s nothing quite like a global pandemic to shift our attention back to our homes. With a range of stay at home orders that have affected large portions of the Australian population over the course of the last two years, many of us have reinvested what was traditionally the holiday fund back into our homes via renovations, new furniture, or even just a new coat of paint. 

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However, before you get too stuck into giving your home a facelift in the upcoming weeks or months, it’s always worth doing your research in regards to what’s hot, and what’s not. Although you might prefer to take a more conservative or timeless approach, the 2022 interior design trends that are forecast for next year might give you a little boost of inspiration. 

Eight 2022 Interior Design Trends Predicted For Next Year 

Whether we like it or not, the way we cook, work, entertain and relax in our homes have changed. Understandably, these changes have been reflected into how we expect the spaces of our homes to look and function. When it comes to injecting a new vibe into your abode, industry experts are predicting the following trends to make an appearance over the course of the next year.

Interior Design Trends

Textured Materials – Not everyone is a fan of the colour revolution that seems to be sweeping through interior design circles. As such, the alternative for home owners and renovators is to opt for textured materials on anything and everything from their tiles, couches and even carpet choices. If you’re feeling bold, why not try a velvet armchair or textured white tile for a bathroom. 

Plant Parents Rejoice – Considering how long most of us have been stuck inside for, it should come as no surprise that Aussies right around the country have gone plant mad. By bringing the outdoors in, house plants not only look good, but help to purify the air and give us our much needed dose of nature in a time when many of us can’t access it. 

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Cottagecore Is Back – First popularised by teenagers in the early 2010’s, cottagecore is essentially all about celebrating idealised rural life. From floral wallpapers to farmhouse interiors, this romantic, nature-driven design trend calls for cosy spaces decorated with rustic touches. In essence, it’s equally about lifestyle as it is aesthetics. 

Olive Green Is In – While most of us seem to be all too aware of the current indoor plant craze, did you know that the colour green has some of the same health benefits linked to relaxation and reducing stress? If that sounds appealing, you might want to jump on the current trend we’re seeing for green tiles, particularly ones with olive based tones for a natural vibe.

Multi Functional Spaces – Can you remember the time where we had designated lounge rooms, office spaces, and dining rooms? The traditional home layout and segregation is on it’s way out, and is being replaced with larger rooms that are both open plan and available to be used for a wide variety of activities. 

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Organic Materials – Organic options like wood, wool, natural stone and even rattan and wicker seem to be the obvious choice, but it’s also important to think about where our building and design materials actually come from. This peeled back look is not only more sustainable, but helps to make a home feel more ‘earthy’ and natural too. 

Powder Rooms – In essence, a powder room is a secondary bathroom that doesn’t include a shower or bathtub. Of course, referring to it as “the powder room” certainly sounds a lot fancier, which is why they’re making somewhat of a comeback. If you want to keep guests or even the kids out of your bathroom, adding a powder room can help maintain your privacy. 

1970’s Decor – The 1970’s have recently made a resurgence in fashion, so it was really only a matter of time before the same thing happened in our homes. If walls weren’t lined with wood panelling, they were sporting paper splashed with big and bold geometric shapes in contrasting colours. Try to embrace bold textures, patterns and colours – even if it’s for an armchair. 

Interior Design Trends 2022

Before you start shopping around, it’s always important to remember that not all trends are best suited to all spaces. Designing a home should not be approached with a “one size fits all” mindset, and it’s always worth speaking to the professionals before you get started. 

Sourcing Further Advice On 2022 Interior Design Trends

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