How To Master Modern Hamptons Style 1

How To Master Modern Hamptons Style

Once pinned as a fad that would be cringeworthy in just a few short years, modern Hamptons style looks like it’s here to stay – but how do you get it right?

Hamptons style interior design is commonly inspired by the architecture aesthetics of the holiday homes and buildings found in the luxury seaside communities of Long Island, upstate from New York City. Essentially, the pillars of this look is white on white combined with decorative elements, and touches of colour and texture where it counts.

How To Master Modern Hamptons Style 1
While a traditional Hamptons interior is fairly rigid in colour, usually consisting of extremely whitewashed interiors and rugged furniture, modern Hamptons style embraces a wider range of tones, but still sticks to gloriously natural and authentic materials. However in Australia, it’s often combined with beach house design that mirrors our natural landscape – think open plan spaces that link indoor and outdoor living, natural materials such as stone, timber and glass, and simple and clean lines. 

Five Staples To Channel Modern Hamptons Style 

Instead of the nautical-themed furniture, art with ocean motifs and pieces of driftwood or coral that the old school Hamptons vibe is famous for, use natural furnishings, abstract art and creative colour palettes to bring the design into the modern world. Don’t forget that embracing modern Hamptons style applies to both the exterior and interior of your home, and can be done so via furniture, surfaces and finishes. 

How To Master Modern Hamptons Style 2

While it’s often the modern Hamptons style kitchen that most homeowners lust after, what are the basics that nailing this aesthetic commands if you’re looking to channel a contemporary coastal vibe throughout your entire home?

Pick Your Palette – While one of the primary bases of nailing a modern Hamptons look is of course the standard white palette, the key to bringing this design into the future is combining it with other palettes that incorporate blues and greys. This applies to both the interior and exterior of your home, so do your research when it comes to choosing a shade that best fits.

How To Master Modern Hamptons Style PALETTE

Chase The Light – Although using white as your dominant colour palette can go a long way in making a room feel bigger and more airy, nothing works as well as an abundance of natural light in a home. If this is something you lack, create the illusion via wall lights instead, or try adding a few freestanding floor lamps that embrace modern Hamptons style with natural materials. 

How To Master Modern Hamptons Style LIGHTING

Shaker Style Cabinetry – One of the “non-negotiables” in achieving a modern Hamptons style kitchen is using shaker style cabinetry as a nod to tradition. A classic, simple look that never really goes out of fashion, shaker style cabinetry typically features recessed panels, and a raised, framed profile to really make this addition pop. 

How To Master Modern Hamptons Style SHAKER CABINETS

Fixtures With Flair – What often separates modern Hamptons style from its predecessor are contemporary touches, which can significantly help to elevate the look into the future. Consider additions such as tapware or appliances that deviate from tradition, and pay attention to materials that are matte black, copper or even brass. 

How To Master Modern Hamptons Style FIXTURES

Go Natural – One of the signature points to note with this look is that all of the white acts as a blank canvas. Warm up a modern Hamptons style space by embracing timber floors, wicker furniture, greenery and an abundance of house plants, plus natural textures like linens, jute and rattan to add a personal and homey touch to an otherwise ‘clean’ design. 

How To Master Modern Hamptons Style NATURAL

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How To Master Modern Hamptons Style 3

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