Kronoswiss Aquastop 8mm Laminate Collection

The Aquastop range is an innovative laminate technology that delivers a unique set of properties. Designed to inhibit moisture absorption into the planks from liquid spills, water and pet accidents that you may see in your home’s lifetime. Produced by one of the world’s largest and most respected laminate manufacturer, the Swiss Krono Group. Peace of Mind is a central focus with the range allowing for moisture exposure for up to 48 hours, this will certainly help if the unforeseen does occur.

Range: Preference

Size: 1380 x 193 x 8mm.

Colours: Blackbutt, Bourbon, Brooklyn, Dublin, Helsinki, Limed Oak, Lugano Oak, Majestic, Manhattan, Montreux, Natural Oak (Classic), Natural Oak (Grey), Rift, Spotted Gum, Strassbourg, Zermatt