Kronoswiss Noblesse 8mm Laminate Collection

Our Kronoswiss Laminate – Noblesse 8mm AC4 range comes in size ranging from 1380 x 193 x 8mm to 1391 x 193 x 8mm. This laminate flooring range is made from 100% FSC Mix certified wood, giving your floors an elegantly unique character. It has an AC4 Surface Rating.

Range: Kronoswiss Laminate  Noblesse 8mm AC4 Collection

Size: From 1380 x 193 x 8mm to 1391 x 193 x 8mm

Rating: AC4

Colours: Bourbon, Cordoba, Dublin, Iceland, Helsinki, Kalkeiche, San Francisco, Lugano Oak, Montreux, Rift, Strassbourg, and Zermatt