Six Trends For Spring Design Inspiration

With a change of season, many people feel motivated to give their home a facelift – but if you need some design inspiration, what’s trending this spring?

During the winter months, it’s all too easy to give into the temptation to hibernate. Our homes may not receive the same care and attention that they usually do, as curling up on the couch under a blanket with a good book or your favourite television series is generally much more appealing when compared to the duties of getting your property looking its best.

Come September 1, that attitude usually changes. With the arrival of spring, the sun rises earlier, and the temperatures finally rise back to a more tolerable level. Apart from conducting a thorough spring clean, many homeowners suddenly feel much more invigorated, and wish to see their homes reflect this new attitude via a minor renovation or new styling. 

Despite the best of intentions, some lack design inspiration and aren’t sure where to start. The good news? We’ve done the work for you, and have collected six of the hottest interior design trends predicted to be a hit this spring. 

Find Your Design Inspiration With These Spring Trends

If you’re one of the many homeowners on the hunt for some spring design inspiration, it might come as a relief to know that there are many seasonal trends to work from as a starting point. In fact, there’s plenty of options to suit almost every style, taste and budget. 

Biophilia Is Big – As biophilia quite literally means a love of nature and living things, biophilic design simply aims to use natural resources to create a sense of harmony by fusing modern architecture with the natural world. The concept goes beyond introducing house plants though, and also covers the inclusion of natural materials in a home. 

Statement Stripes – Cheerfully transitioning from the catwalk into residential abodes, ruffled stripe patterns come freshly delivered with a breezy, mischievous attitude – giving upholstery and everyday homeware a cheerful dollop of whimsical wholesomeness. While floral has been in for awhile, stripes are this season’s key design inspiration. 

Outdoor Kitchens – With the weather inviting us into the great outdoors, kitchens outside of a home’s four walls are a design trend that reflects this. Given our passion for barbecues and entertaining friends and family, outdoor kitchens are regarded as one of this season’s must-haves for anyone undertaking a spring renovation or refresh. 

Desert Destinations – White-washed walls, patterned kilim rugs, exposed wooden beams, and an array of rich, earthen hues are all key components of what inspired desert themed interior design, particularly the styles sourced from the likes of Mexico and Morocco. Dusty pinks and unique artworks are also key staples when it comes to nailing this theme. 

Fun Feature Walls – Adding a feature wall to your home is a broad concept that goes far beyond simply slapping a coat of paint onto a random wall. For homeowners looking to get creative this spring yet lack design inspiration, the process of bringing a feature wall to life can involve timber panelling, wallpaper and even feature tiles

Warm Colour Palettes – Whilst burnt yellows, mustards and deep hues of red and orange have been ‘in’ for a while now, a warm colour palette for your home’s design and decor can provide a much needed injection of energy and joy after the dreary winter months. If you’re not willing to commit to these shades on a big scale, try a rug, piece of art or even a statement armchair. 

If there’s ever an ideal time to give your home a refresh, it’s at the end of winter. While the coldest months of the year can easily make any property feel a bit drab, warmer temperatures tend to invigorate us humans in more ways than one – and that includes redecorating. 

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