Tiles are an incredibly popular wall and flooring cover. They are available in a multitude of different sizes, styles, finishes, materials and in just about every colour you could ever want. Here at Tile Wizards we’ve got all your tiling needs covered.

Choosing The Right Tile For You

Understanding the pros and cons of tiles will help you decide whether tiles are right for you. Once you’ve decided to go with tiles choosing the right tile can be a little overwhelming. This guide will help you navigate your tile options. READ MORE

Maintaining Your Tiles

So you’ve decided to tile your floors or walls, the next step is to ensure they remain the centrepiece of your room for years to come. This article gives you all the tips you need to make this happen. READ MORE

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White, grey, black tones - living area

Be Gorgeous with Grey – It’s Here to Stay!

Whether you're renovating or building a home, choose a shade that won't date but will always look chic and modern and can be complimented by a pop of colours. Grey would be a good choice to make your new room design absolutely gorgeous. Here are some ideas on how to implement grey with your choices of tiles, carpets or timber flooring.
Spa bathroom

Ultimate Zen: Spa Bathrooms at Home

Imagine having a unique space at home to relax, unwind and find tranquility after a busy work day or week. Actually, you can with a spa-themed bathroom! Here are some tips from your friendly Tile Wizards on how to make your bathroom 'Zen' ready.
Spa themed bathroom

Bathroom Layout Guide

Everybody has a different perspective on what their bathroom means to them and what they expect it to look like. Therefore, your choice of tiles and fittings is very important. Here's a useful guide on planning, choosing materials, and lay-outing your bathroom.